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LEA27 - Evre Closing Event - New Year's Eve Bash

G R A N D  C L O S I N G  E V E N T
I'm going to make this simple.
Happy New Year !!!
Open house for up to 75 guests!!
What will the event be?  Find out when you get here *mauhmauhmauh*
There is a premise for the event, however.
"Time does not exist.  Therefore, we will all run into each other at some point."
Thank you to EVERYONE who participated, dreamed of, wrote about, played in, explored, danced in, enlightened, educated, photographed, videotaped, contributed to, co-invented, ignored lol, missed out on, got lost in, met your soul mate in, and made EVRE a permanent memory!!  I love you all!
DATE:  Saturday Dec 31, 2016
EVENT LENGTH:  5 minutes to 11 hours, depends on your participation lol
12:00 pm SLT
1:00 pm SLT
3:00 pm SLT
5:00 pm SLT
7:00 pm SLT
(OR Arrive any time between)
LANDMARK:  Will be placed at the Main Landing Point when it's ready lol
ONLY RULE:  No need to be punctual (this is new lol)


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