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Machinima Open Studio Project September 5th, 2014, Revamping for Fall

Revamping for Fall

Syndicated Post from MOSP

 The blue gardener's shed had been with MOSP since the LEA20 days and it wasn't new when I pulled it out of inventory some two years ago. I have been planning on a redo of that area for some time -- and honestly hoping to find a nice little mesh replacement house.

That didn't happen and so this week I made a new one patterned after one I saw on the web which I would love to have in real life. It is tiny and meant mostly as a backdrop. Filming and photography will NOT be easy in the cramped quarters, but it is very cute. And I recovered at least 80 prims -- a bonus.

  The house moved up the hill a bit and there is now a very festive apple bobbing (and eating) area down by the --- APPLE TREE! How appropriate is that?

 Other new area seating includes some lovely willow chairs with nice animations and a fun stoop by the new birdhouse.

Come visit!  LEA7.

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