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Winding Down in October

Winding Down in October


I haven't disappeared!  Not many changes at MOSP this last week or so. Prims are in that "rare" area as I always like to leave enough for you guys to rez reasonable amounts of props and such. This little guy (and he IS tiny) will be greeting you at the entry point for awhile. He is animated and so very cute.

The only other newness is a very nice hammock in the gardener's shelter down by the raised bed garden at ground level.

My very vague plans as we move into winter are a revamp of the snow area. There is a very primmy New Mexico house with furnishing up there that could come down for a more svelte land impact build. I just need for something special to show up.

Meanwhile only a few more days to get your film into UWA. There have been some impressive works. 

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