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  • 02:54 Popular Teraphosa


    by LaPiscean Added 195 Views

    Teraphosa An ephemeral opensim region from Nani Ferguson & Ange Menges for Easter 2017. Opened from 2017 april 13 to 2017 april 23. You are welcome for a dinosaurs eggs hunt

  • 01:48 Popular Nephtys


    by LaPiscean Added 210 Views

    Nephtys Halloween 2016 simulator from Nani Ferguson & Ange Menges OSHG: From october 25 to november 1

  • 04:55 Popular Snowind


    by LaPiscean Added 269 Views

    Snowind Nani Ferguson & Ange Menges present their opensim region on Osgrid & Metropolis grid for the Christmas holidays 2015. We hope that you will come and visit. Have fun and luck for your hunt. Opened from 12/15/2015 to 01/15/2016.

  • 03:54 Popular Kodimpump2015


    by LaPiscean Added 177 Views

    Kodimpump2015 Nani & Ange present their annual Halloween opensim region and hope that you will find time to visit and play to the pumpkins hunt. 30 gifts to find this year. Good luck and have fun. From October 30 to November 15 on Osgrid and Metropoli

  • 02:23 Popular Crazy Easter

    Crazy Easter

    by System Added 259 Views

    Crazy Easter During April, visit the last sim from Nani & Ange and get your easter gifts. Thank you for watching.