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  • 02:19 Popular Disappear - Simulator Crossing

    Disappear - Simulator Crossing

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    On Demand Disappear (Simulator Crossing)For The University of Western Australia's MachinimUWA VII: Transcending BordersMachinima by Glasz DeCuirLive banning attempt of SaveMe Oh in Second Life “Watch Me Disappear” by

  • 03:09 Popular Burn 2

    Burn 2

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    On Demand Burn 2 2014A festival of fire, art and community in Second Life, Burn2 is the virtual world version of the real life Burning Man community festival. Burn2 is a unique culture which seeks to create so

  • 15:12 Popular Second Life Lamplighters 2014

    Second Life Lamplighters 2014

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    Second Life Lamplighters 2014 Machinima by SophiaYates Second Life Lamplighters July 5, 2014