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  • 03:30 Delicate Tension -the Kandinsky sessions

    Delicate Tension -the Kandinsky sessions

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    Delicate Tension -the Kandinsky sessions the Gedenspire Gallery in Second Life is running a Kandinsky retrospective for January thru February. Walter wanted a film and I wanted to do it, it's Kandinsky after all.. pure jazz. Art-film Maker and friend Jose

  • 02:44 Sky Orange

    Sky Orange

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    Sky Orange A short dance video made in SL. With Joseph Nussbaum. Boris Twist, Amanda Magick, and Bryan Trefoil. Directed by Joseh Nussbaum. Music by Yurotokiri.

  • 01:03 Sonata No9 Scriabin; Boris Twist, Piano - Kandinsky

    Sonata No9 Scriabin; Boris Twist, Piano - Kandinsky

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    Sonata No9 Scriabin; Boris Twist, Piano - Kandinsky "the soul is the Piano with many strings" Wassily Kandinsky (One part of a project, let's have a look)

  • 02:14 Gaudete Smoothbass

    Gaudete Smoothbass

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    Gaudete Smoothbass Filmed in Second Life. Just as the year was ending, a film document of my land for the Holidays and the winter fun I have building it and skating over the surfaces.

  • 09:30 « LES MURS ONT LA PAROLE »


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    « LES MURS ONT LA PAROLE » THE WALLS SPEAK, Urban art, Street art. Images that bear witness. Images that call out, freeing speech. Olympe Rhode's current show is emotional, dramatic and larger then life peering at some of the tragedy, inspirat

  • 01:40 « LES MURS ONT LA PAROLE » (Promo)

    « LES MURS ONT LA PAROLE » (Promo)

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    « LES MURS ONT LA PAROLE » (Promo) A bit of a promo for "The Walls Speak" which is in the finishing stages.A comprehensive study of a current collection of street art and various urban styles, and much more.

  • 04:23 Popular Madonna in Second Life -" Vogue"

    Madonna in Second Life -" Vogue"

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    Madonna in Second Life -" Vogue" Second Life Feel Good Club loves us some Vogue. Here is Madonna (Sasha Laryukov) and her Second Life Performance Dance Company - peforming "Vogue" Staged as part of the larger Act "The Virtual History Tour"

  • 01:29 Nomad


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    Nomad Nomad is a Store in Second Life, Known and loved by many for it's unique flavor of humor and design. I found some old footage of the store and when I revisited it, much had changed, even the building. So here is a bit of the old Nomad store and some

  • 08:47 4 Suns Flapping

    4 Suns Flapping

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    4 Suns Flapping June 25th 2016, Celebrating four years in Second Life, four years of hard work and creativity, fellowship and performances. The Fabulous Flapperettes have invited us to Paris in the 1900's. Staged at Theatre Des Batignolles in Second Life

  • 07:02 Popular Gravity is a Mistake by Eupalinos Ugajin

    Gravity is a Mistake by Eupalinos Ugajin

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    Gravity is a Mistake by Eupalinos Ugajin Gravity is a Mistake by Eupalinos Ugajin's. Interactive, emersive, surprising. By chance I took some film of it very early in the construction phase at the beginning. There so TELEPORT to LEA21: http://maps.secondl

  • 03:53 Le Reve De Darcy - a film by Boris Twist

    Le Reve De Darcy - a film by Boris Twist

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    Le Reve De Darcy - a film by Boris Twist Darcy Mokeev, who creates art in both worlds, Second Life and Real Life, had a Gala Opening for the new show "Le Reve De Darcy. I was asked by my friend Walter to document some of it. Paris 1900 sim in Second Life

  • 01:12 Paris performance

    Paris performance

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    Paris performance The Beautiful Gown worn for performance is by the designer SONATTA MORALES. Filmed at Walter Gedenspire's Gallery in Paris 1900 in Second Life. I think Bianca left the Mics plugged in so bless her heart.

  • 05:52 AmandaMagick's "Enchantment"

    AmandaMagick's "Enchantment"

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    AmandaMagick's "Enchantment" Brilliant Original Artwork by SL's AmandaMagick. Her Show "Enchantment" premiered in November 2015 @ the Paris Metro Art Gallery in Second Life. This is a film of some of the Artworks there-in. The music is my newest movie sco

  • 02:29 Popular Cantique de Noël

    Cantique de Noël

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    Cantique de Noël A Turkey Buzzard and a Whale, apt choice for "the birds of air, the fishes of the sea". The second carol for this year's end.

  • 02:26 Popular Silent Night, Stille Nacht

    Silent Night, Stille Nacht

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    Silent Night, Stille Nacht Arranged and performed by me, Boris Twist on December 16, 2015. I played it remembering so many times and places . . . brilliant, terrible, safe, loving. This carol and many others come to cheer us, give us light, give us peace.

  • 02:19 Arabesque, October 2015

    Arabesque, October 2015

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    Arabesque, October 2015 the small Carnival, camped outside the town is testing out a new game for folks . . . .

  • 03:19 Popular Dreampiece


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    Dreampiece Parts and pieces of time.

  • 01:46 Popular Cecilia House

    Cecilia House

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    Cecilia House Version completed on 8/18/2015

  • 14:16 Popular Tantabata


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    Tanabata, a Japanese fairy tale in ballet form. A Machinima. Filmed in Second Life.Tentei: Joseph NussbaumOrihimi: Bianca XavorinHikoboshi: Walter GedenspirePriest: Boris TwistStory:Orihime (織姫), daughter of Tentei (天帝), wove beautiful clothes by the bank

  • 03:00 Popular Rachmaninoff Prelude in Eb

    Rachmaninoff Prelude in Eb

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    On Demand In this piece by Rachmaninoff, there is a love song.. it's spring .....and outside in an orchard below the studio window is a vista of flowering trees, perhaps plum or apple. Winds have picked up the blossoms. That is the freedom expressed here