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Celestial Elf

  • 03:59 Popular The Wolven Storm (Pricilla's Song)

    The Wolven Storm (Pricilla's Song)

    by LaPiscean Added 420 Views

    The Wolven Storm (Pricilla's Song) A beautiful song by Sharm, sung by Pricilla in the game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The song is about the lead character, Geralt the Witcher and his romantic journey with Yennefer the Sorceress. Lyrics for The Wolven Storm

  • 02:47 Popular The Environmental Serenity Prayer

    The Environmental Serenity Prayer

    by LaPiscean Added 328 Views

    The Environmental Serenity Prayer Gaia grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; the brevity of a beautiful day and my time upon the earth, the harshness of the seasons and futility of a world without mirth. Of people who are foolish, th

  • 04:07 Popular The Mermaid Queen Restored

    The Mermaid Queen Restored

    by LaPiscean Added 363 Views

    The Mermaid Queen Restored In these times of Climate Change, Coral Reef Bleaching, Whales hunting to extinction, of Dying Seas deoxygenated by pollution, of Overfishing leading to collapse of fish and dependant species - we need to change our approach to

  • 02:45 Popular Summer Solstice   a celebration

    Summer Solstice a celebration

    by LaPiscean Added 374 Views

    Summer Solstice a celebration Happy Summer Solstice! The Summer Solstice in old nature based traditions carries deep mystical and religious significance as the Wedding of The Sun & The Earth. Usually celebrated on June 21st, the date varies somewhat f

  • 02:41 Popular Taliesin & The Star Knowledge

    Taliesin & The Star Knowledge

    by LaPiscean Added 342 Views

    Taliesin & The Star Knowledge Taliesin was a Brythonic poet of early Britain. His subject here is Gwydion, a mythological Celtic Bard, Sorcerer and Trickster who appears in the Mabinogi, the Welsh Triads and the 14th century medieval Welsh book of poe

  • 02:09 Popular The Song Of Amergin

    The Song Of Amergin

    by LaPiscean Added 407 Views

    The Song Of Amergin The Song of Amergin is an ancient Celtic poem which speaks of the origin of the Universe, the nature of the Gods and the path to Wisdom. Having previously set this poem in a samhain setting, I wanted to take another look with a more en

  • 03:40 Popular The Whale's Song

    The Whale's Song

    by LaPiscean Added 375 Views

    The Whale's Song Industrial whaling began in the 17th century, by the 20th factory ships & 'whale harvesting' developed. By the 1930s, more than 50,000 whales were killed annually. In 1986 the International Whaling Commission (IWC) banned commercial w

  • 03:08 Popular Gymnopedie No 1

    Gymnopedie No 1

    by LaPiscean Added 272 Views

    Gymnopedie No 1 Elegant and slightly dark, the simplicity of Erik Satie's Gymnopedie No 1 is both light and touching. It is beautiful accompaniment to the close of a drama. Here the Elf King dances to mourn the passing of summer and to celebrate the arriv

  • 02:50 Popular In The Hall Of The Mountain King

    In The Hall Of The Mountain King

    by LaPiscean Added 286 Views

    In The Hall Of The Mountain King An animated interpretation of Edvard Grieg's music In The Hall of the Mountain King. Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg (1843-1907) enjoyed telling the Folk stories of Norway in his music. Grieg was a leading composer of the

  • 06:30 Popular Danse Macabre

    Danse Macabre

    by LaPiscean Added 279 Views

    Danse Macabre This music amazes me at how scary it is, yet at the same time has an exillerating joyfulness about it. According to legend, Death appears at midnight every year on Halloween. Death calls forth the dead from their graves to dance their dance

  • 04:28 Popular The Tree Of Life

    The Tree Of Life

    by Celestial Elf Added 294 Views

    The Tree Of Life Support our Ancient Forests with the Woodland Trust here ( ). 'The Tree Of Life' is a 'Universal' symbol found in many 'Spiritual' traditions symbolizing Life itself, such as the Norse 'Yggdrasil' and the 'Celtic' 'Tr

  • 03:28 Popular Milarepa The Yogi

    Milarepa The Yogi

    by Celestial Elf Added 313 Views

    Milarepa The Yogi. Please Support the Nepal Earthquake Appeal here (  )Milarepa, Tibet’s Great Yogi-Sage and Singing Saint (1040-1123)Milarepa established, with the help of his guru Marpa and his own disciples, the strongly medi

  • 05:02 Popular The Bee Myth

    The Bee Myth

    by Celestial Elf Added 377 Views

    The Bee Myth Nearly one in 10 of Europe's wild bee species face extinction, more than a quarter of species such as the European bumblebees are at risk of dying out, said the study by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN).The Celts

  • 04:48 Popular Welcome Eostre (Ostara with Lisa Thiel ) ~

    Welcome Eostre (Ostara with Lisa Thiel ) ~

    by Celestial Elf Added 492 Views

    Welcome Eostre (Ostara with Lisa Thiel ) We call out loud as a flower - Welcome Eostre & the Spring Goddess power !!Eostre, or Ostara, is an Germanic pagan goddess whose festival falls on the March Equinox (March 20th) because this marks beginning of

  • 03:48 Popular Reactor No4

    Reactor No4

    by Celestial Elf Added 320 Views

    Reactor No4; about the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster, and the Sustainable, clean green and life friendly alternativesI started this project because I encountered a virtual reality model of the Ukranian town of Pripyat near to Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, w

  • 04:28 Popular The World has Got A Problem

    The World has Got A Problem

    by Celestial Elf Added 443 Views

    Too Much Carbon Dioxide; Global warming is primarily a problem of too much carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere—which acts as a blanket, trapping heat and warming the planet, in turn creating Climate Change. As we burn fossil fuels like coal, oil

  • 06:31 Popular The Faerie Trees

    The Faerie Trees

    by System Added 419 Views

    Oak, Ash, and Thorn are called the Faerie Tree Triad because groves which include all three of these trees are places where you can see the faeries. However Britain's Oak, Ash, and Thorn trees are under unprecedented threat from new pests and diseases. Ne

  • 04:15 Popular The English Worm

    The English Worm

    by Celestial Elf Added 404 Views

    In support of International Year of Soils 2015 and to raise awareness of Earthworms in the Uk which are under threat as New Zealand Flatworms Invade.The New Zealand flatworm feeds exclusively on the earthworm causing dramatic earthworm declines and possib

  • 05:29 Popular The Elf Knight & The Faerie Queene

    The Elf Knight & The Faerie Queene

    by System Added 472 Views

    On Demand Inspired by Spencer's poem ''The Faerie Queene'' c 1590+1596 which celebrates ''Queen Elizabeth I'', and the Scottish folk song ''The Elfin Knight''. Set to ''Scarborough Fair'' sung by Gretchen Cornwall of World Tree Music, which presents the s

  • 05:38 Popular Narration Of The Gnome

    Narration Of The Gnome

    by Celestial Elf Added 550 Views

    On Demand To those in debate over Fracking and to redirect those who need redirecting,I prescribe attention to the Narration Of The Gnome; A Gnome is an Elemental being or Spirit, only visible to those that look with second sight. They symbolize the magic

  • 02:30 Popular Without Words

    Without Words

    by Celestial Elf Added 413 Views

    On Demand Very moved by the tragic goings on 7 January 2015, made this film 'Without Words' to express my feelings.More details at my blog The Dance Of Life here ( )As the Violinist Celestial Elf,Playing Dancer's Violin by Voodo