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  • 14:04 Popular Mum is dead (iClone6)

    Mum is dead (iClone6)

    by LaPiscean Added 180 Views

    Mum is dead (iClone6) It's hard to describe the story without spoiling it, so i will not tell anything. Just be aware, that this story has a dark and intense tonality. It's about a lost childhood and the one and only decission ...

  • 16:47 Popular The Journey - Part 1 (iClone)

    The Journey - Part 1 (iClone)

    by LaPiscean Added 199 Views

    The Journey - Part 1 (iClone) This is the first part of my western movie project "The Journey". Last year I had to stop the production, cause my PC wasn't capable to handle the western town I created. Now I have a new computer and I will continue to work