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Gago Gigamon Takuma

  • 06:59 Popular Project RiZ & GA-GO -Episode 1- "YABAI-YUME"

    Project RiZ & GA-GO -Episode 1- "YABAI-YUME"

    by LaPiscean Added 1,902 Views

    On Demand It is my new music album. It was completed by collaboration with musician "RiZ" of the same Japan. It sells by download. iTunes Store USA iTunes Store EUhttps

  • 07:08 Popular Project RG Episode 1 "YABAI-YUME" by TAKUMA

    Project RG Episode 1 "YABAI-YUME" by TAKUMA

    by System Added 223 Views

    On Demand Runtime: 6:58 Platform: SecondLife Machinima Year of Completion: 2014 Country of Origin: Japan Tagline: This is MUSIC PV of independent band GA-GO of Japan made using the second life. Notes: -Second Life Machinima- This video is official PV of C

  • 11:46 Popular G-Project 2012  "End of The War"

    G-Project 2012 "End of The War"

    by System Added 620 Views

    G-Project 2012 "End of The War" The 2012 Machinima EXPO Screening Film. Music video which has transcended the secondlife "possibility of new music" is pursued in the virtual world. "GA-GOSL Ver" is the Japanese machinima rock band.GA-GO SL Ver "End of The