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  • 04:29 Choreography of a Tortured Soul

    Choreography of a Tortured Soul

    by LaPiscean Added 42 Views

    My way to see the terrific installation of Theda Tammas in Second Life. Music by Morlita Quan ( Filmed in Second Life, May 2018.

  • 04:00 Happy


    by LaPiscean Added 124 Views

    Have a look at the behaviour of Iono Allen and his friends, once they have enjoyed an Art exhibition in the metaverse... This film is my entry for the University of Western Australia machinima challenge "The Art of Artists". The following 3D Virtual artis

  • 07:38 Sea Swell

    Sea Swell

    by LaPiscean Added 126 Views

    Sea Swell A video made for Rob Steenhorst's exhibition in Leiden from 11th to 26th March, 2017.Rob Steenhorst: Computer Generated ImagesPoem by Karima Hoisan.Filmed in Second Life, Feb 2017

  • 07:38 Sea Swell

    Sea Swell

    by LaPiscean Added 36 Views

    A video made for Rob Steenhorst's exhibition in Leiden from 11th to 26th March, 2017. Rob Steenhorst: Computer Generated Images Poem by Karima Hoisan. Filmed in Second Life, Feb 2017

  • 03:49 Rebirth


    by LaPiscean Added 148 Views

    Rebirth A video inspired by the installation "Penumbra" in Second Life, by Meilo Minotaur and CapCat Ragu, illustrating the quote by the italian theorist Antonio Gramsci: "Crisis consists precisely in the fact that the old is dying and the new cannot be b

  • 03:59 Popular Intolerance


    by LaPiscean Added 158 Views

    Intolerance A resurgence these times as it seems. Music by Morlita Quan ( ) Second Life installations by - Igor Ballyhoo - JadeYu Fhang ( ) - Theda Tammas ( http://bytheda.weebl

  • 03:02 Popular The Fall of Insilico

    The Fall of Insilico

    by LaPiscean Added 180 Views

    The Fall of Insilico A melancholic view of Insilico and its particular light, one of the most famous place in Second Life®, that is about to disappear. In these troubled times, one could imagin that the worse happened there... Une vision mélanc

  • 07:19 Popular Sternentraum - All About The Light

    Sternentraum - All About The Light

    by ClaireDiLuna Chevalier Added 180 Views

    Sternentraum - All About The Light Second Life, Sternennacht II - Community Art Exhibition Musik: Andrew Odd - Crossing the Sea of Stars Special Thanks to: ~ Louis Gridley Wu (cyperklon) - Blitzewerfer, ~ Samiraa Adderstein - Motivation and "Awwws" in my

  • 04:26 Popular Purple


    by LaPiscean Added 232 Views

    Purple A performance by SaveMe Oh on a music by Morlita M is always a special event. That day, the 21st of April, 2016, was quite a special day since one of our greatest musicians, Prince, passed away. Inludes images from the performances of Feb 23rd and

  • 05:34 The Passing

    The Passing

    by LaPiscean Added 145 Views

    The Passing Yet another occurrence of Eros and Thanatos, inspired by some of Paul Delvaux's paintings. Filmed in Second Life®, Nov 2015.

  • 07:33 The Hidden Truth

    The Hidden Truth

    by LaPiscean Added 134 Views

    The Hidden Truth They have been these mysterious creatures from the greek mythology to Harry Potter, including Dante Aligheri's Divine Comedy, that inspired many artists, and still does nowadays, even in virtual worlds. But who are they really? Second Lif

  • 04:54 Popular Balloons


    by System Added 180 Views

    Balloons A Second Life® installation by Cica Ghost,A Machinima by Iono AllenMusic by Ennio Morricone (Lontano)Music used by fair use. Filmed in Second Life®, May 2015

  • 02:06 La Rennes d'or

    La Rennes d'or

    by System Added 146 Views

    La Rennes d'or Les mystères de Rennes le Château et son "trésor" vous fascinent ?Le 1er tome du nouvel opus de J.P Garcia est disponible dès le 26 Mai : à ne pas manquer ! https://

  • 03:36 Popular Kou Dada (French subtitles)

    Kou Dada (French subtitles)

    by System Added 348 Views

    Vous avez dit surrealisme ? Marcel Duchamp ? Neo Dada ? "A Kou! Simulation" est une installation d'Eupalinos Ugajin et de Simotron Aquila dans Second Life®Musique: Ligeti, Nonsense Madrigals - The Alphabet, int. Chorro De Luz ( )R&e

  • 05:08 Popular Biomechanics


    by System Added 388 Views

    Biomechanics Previously shown in the The Golden Age of the Russian Avant-Garde installation in Second Life® (April 2014), project initiated by Saskia Boddeke and Peter Greenaway in both "real life" (in Moscow’s Manege Museum) and Second Life®

  • 05:41 Popular Iono Allen (Paris, France) -  Butchery  (Click HERE for French Version)

    Iono Allen (Paris, France) - Butchery (Click HERE for French Version)

    by System Added 309 Views

    On Demand Machinima by Iono Allen "The latest attack cost (figures given by officers) eighty thousands men and one billion 5 hundred millions of francs for munitions.And at this price, we gained 4 kilometers to find before us new trenches."Michel LANSON -

  • Popular The Arrival

    The Arrival

    by System Added 195 Views

    "That is the arrival of the fish...": another chapter of Rose Borchovski's concept of Susa Bubble.The Susa Bubbles have caught a fish.While they admire how big it is, the fish dies.Are they to blame? Installation, concept and characters by Rose Borchovski

  • Popular Birth


    by System Added 160 Views

    An avatar dropped in a strange world... Who is he ? Does he really live what he is living ?Filmed in Second Life® at Scottius Polke's installation "The Docks" and at Eliza Wierwight's installation "Aria".Music: Cometa ( ) and Mozart (T

  • 05:17 Popular Passion


    by System Added 150 Views

    Passion Beware: some scenes may shock sensitive viewers. What's the next step after passionate love? Music Morsmores ( ) Filmed in Second Life®, Jan 2014