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  • 37:23 iNewz #5

    iNewz #5

    by LaPiscean Added 84 Views

    Join us as we talk to Trynatie from Sea Creatures! Warning: May contain heavy fish slapping!

  • 55:43 iNewz Episode #4

    iNewz Episode #4

    by LaPiscean Added 75 Views

    iNewz Episode #4 Join us as we chat with Ashember Love, a great RP'er who is totally into Star Trek!

  • 43:45 iNewz #3

    iNewz #3

    by LaPiscean Added 96 Views

    iNewz #3 Join us as we talk with Kels Foxclaw from oYo Breedables!

  • 27:51 iNewz #2 - May Edition

    iNewz #2 - May Edition

    by LaPiscean Added 106 Views

    iNewz #2 - May Edition Join Elenia Llewellyn and Wolf Hartnell as we interview Amvans Lapiz, the director for Metaverse Library!

  • 05:58 Popular Ultraviolet Alter InWorldz

    Ultraviolet Alter InWorldz

    by Fuschia Nightfire Added 250 Views

    On Demand Ultraviolet Alter playing live at 'Not Everything Is Plain B&W' Falathrim, InWorldz on 1st February 2014

  • 02:30 Popular Virtual Jackson Square

    Virtual Jackson Square

    by Pooky Amsterdam Added 267 Views

    On Demand Machinima by pookymedia InWorldz asked us to create a film depicting some of the great and futuristic of course benefits of teaching and learning in a Virtual World environment.

  • 06:07 Popular InWorldz Community

    InWorldz Community

    by Celestial Elf Added 532 Views

    On Demand Featured in this Machinima are some of the developing Communities at InWorldz. New, fun and exciting, InWorldz is a user created, free Virtual World, where you can create or buy your own avatar, goods and lands, explore beautiful regions, meet n