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  • 55:43 iNewz Episode #4

    iNewz Episode #4

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    iNewz Episode #4 Join us as we chat with Ashember Love, a great RP'er who is totally into Star Trek!

  • 43:45 iNewz #3

    iNewz #3

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    iNewz #3 Join us as we talk with Kels Foxclaw from oYo Breedables!

  • 27:51 iNewz #2 - May Edition

    iNewz #2 - May Edition

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    iNewz #2 - May Edition Join Elenia Llewellyn and Wolf Hartnell as we interview Amvans Lapiz, the director for Metaverse Library!

  • 05:58 Popular Ultraviolet Alter InWorldz

    Ultraviolet Alter InWorldz

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    On Demand Ultraviolet Alter playing live at 'Not Everything Is Plain B&W' Falathrim, InWorldz on 1st February 2014

  • 02:30 Popular Virtual Jackson Square

    Virtual Jackson Square

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    On Demand Machinima by pookymedia InWorldz asked us to create a film depicting some of the great and futuristic of course benefits of teaching and learning in a Virtual World environment.

  • 06:07 Popular InWorldz Community

    InWorldz Community

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    On Demand Featured in this Machinima are some of the developing Communities at InWorldz. New, fun and exciting, InWorldz is a user created, free Virtual World, where you can create or buy your own avatar, goods and lands, explore beautiful regions, meet n