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Kio Whitehead

  • 04:59 Popular Octoberville2009@PixelTrix  [UPD]

    Octoberville2009@PixelTrix [UPD]

    by LaPiscean Added 867 Views

    Octoberville2009@PixelTrix [UPD] Octoberville 2009 at PixelTrix in Second Life. music by Torley Wong, "Heavenraiser": Corrected captions. Thanks for the info, LazyGunGuy. AviewTV Archive WEB

  • 05:05 Popular Octoberville 2008@PixelTrix

    Octoberville 2008@PixelTrix

    by LaPiscean Added 690 Views

    Octoberville 2008 at PixelTrix in Second Life. WEB: AviewTV Archive

  • 04:15 Popular Octoberville 2007 @ PixelTrix

    Octoberville 2007 @ PixelTrix

    by LaPiscean Added 775 Views

    Octoberville 2007 at PixelTrix in Second Life I apologize some UIs shown up on the screen in last scene, but I have no chance to retake it. Hope you enjoy this movie and Octoberville. WEB: AviewTV Archive