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Lighthouse Point

  • 01:06 LHP Explainer

    LHP Explainer

    by Leighton Marjoram Added 112 Views

    LHP Explainer Learn what Lighthouse Point Grid is about in just over a minute. Using motion graphics.

  • 05:51 OBS Test

    OBS Test

    by Leighton Marjoram Added 89 Views

    OBS Test Setting up and trying out OBS recording and streaming software. Everything was done with OBS.

  • 02:06 Popular Pride Bar Opening Party

    Pride Bar Opening Party

    by Leighton Marjoram Added 188 Views

    Pride Bar Opening Party A video taken at the Pride Bar Opening Party on Lighthouse Point Grid. Thank you for everyone who came along had allot of fun. A special thanks for DJ Rocky for playing a great set. Music track: Brickwerk by Josh Kirsch/Media Right

  • 02:34 Popular New LHP Promo 2017 retake

    New LHP Promo 2017 retake

    by Leighton Marjoram Added 162 Views

    New LHP Promo 2017 retake With my new found gimp skills I thought why not learn by repetition and get a new video as well. One stone, two unfortunate birds. Re posting after doing a minor edit.