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  • 45:31 Journey to the Grid

    Journey to the Grid

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    Journey to the Grid "Journey to the Grid" byDelain Canucci (Color Alchemist)The show was be in theme of the sim {TRON}May 28, 2017 - Performance with dancers, lights and particles.Machinima by Lion IgalyLocation at LEA by Gem Preiz

  • 09:59 LEA8 From helicopter

    LEA8 From helicopter

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    LEA8 From helicopter Landscapes from LEA8 - Orion Tales 10 years - Art expo:

  • 06:55 ANOTHER WORLD by Solkide Jean Auer

    ANOTHER WORLD by Solkide Jean Auer

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    ANOTHER WORLD by Solkide Jean Auer OPENING EVENT MAY 15TH, 2017 1.30PM SLT Another World è un volo in un ambiente geometrico puro dove le forme e i colori cercano di dare un momentaneo lasso di relax. Nient'altro che stare in pace con te stesso. An

  • 13:21 Rhythm


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    Rhythm "Art is Rhythm" Inspirational Installation and vision from Nessuno Myoo, Kicca Igaly, Daco Monday, Paola Mills and Maria Duna GantAn Art show machinima by Lion Igaly