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  • 01:06 LHP Explainer

    LHP Explainer

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    LHP Explainer Learn what Lighthouse Point Grid is about in just over a minute. Using motion graphics.

  • 05:51 OBS Test

    OBS Test

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    OBS Test Setting up and trying out OBS recording and streaming software. Everything was done with OBS.

  • 03:34 Buglebourg Update

    Buglebourg Update

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    Buglebourg Update Settling in nicely over on the Opensim Life grid and thought I know a video of me boating and balloon riding on the region. The region is called Buglebourg and is a steampunk/industrial/medieval 3x3 var region. There is still allot to do

  • 02:29 Guinguette


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    Guinguette My visit to the Guinguette region on the Ignus Fatuus grid. More details on the Opensimworld website ( ).

  • 04:31 Geforce Experience Test

    Geforce Experience Test

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    Geforce Experience Test Testing the Nvidia Experience 3.6 screen recording and it went ok going to test the Facebook Live streaming just not sure what to do, go shopping maybe. Original post:

  • 03:56 Teraphosa Magical Egg Hunt

    Teraphosa Magical Egg Hunt

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    Teraphosa Magical Egg Hunt This is a video of the Egg Hunt by Ange and Nani you can find the hunt on OSgrid and Metropolis. See my blog post here:

  • 02:06 Pride Bar Opening Party

    Pride Bar Opening Party

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    Pride Bar Opening Party A video taken at the Pride Bar Opening Party on Lighthouse Point Grid. Thank you for everyone who came along had allot of fun. A special thanks for DJ Rocky for playing a great set. Music track: Brickwerk by Josh Kirsch/Media Right

  • 02:34 New LHP Promo 2017 retake

    New LHP Promo 2017 retake

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    New LHP Promo 2017 retake With my new found gimp skills I thought why not learn by repetition and get a new video as well. One stone, two unfortunate birds. Re posting after doing a minor edit.

  • 04:07 Popular Return to OpenSim Life “Tropical Life” region

    Return to OpenSim Life “Tropical Life” region

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    Return to OpenSim Life “Tropical Life” region Decided to return to the grid to do a second attempt at a video with the help of Bill Blight grid owner and vehicle scripter extraordinaire. While he ably piloted I sat in the passenger seat of his

  • 04:03 Popular Isis Hang Gliding and Sailing OAR

    Isis Hang Gliding and Sailing OAR

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    [Hang Gliding and Sailing OAR Earlier today Isis Ophelia on google+ posted about a free oar region for Opensim as a gift to the Hypergrid. I downloaded the OAR and was so impressed that I decided to reciprocate the gift by making a video. Thank you Isis O

  • 03:53 OpenSim Life

    OpenSim Life

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    OpenSim Life A video of me exploring the OpenSim Life grid had a wonderful time there and highly recommend a visit. I rode the monorail, two types of Jetski and a pontoon. Grab a friend or two and go and have fun together. HG address:

  • 04:17 Leighton-MzFelicia


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    Leighton-MzFelicia Have been busy with a few other projects and wanted some time to just see what I wanted to do for an hour or two and this is what I came up with. "Dark Fog" Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution

  • 02:59 Krasimir amusement park - 3rdLifeGrid

    Krasimir amusement park - 3rdLifeGrid

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    Krasimir amusement park - 3rdLifeGrid Here i am at Krasimir amusement park on the 3rd Life Grid riding the roller coaster and the Ferris Wheel. I hadn't realised there were so many fun fairs and amusement parks in Opensim. Big Rock - Take the Lead by Kevi

  • 12:56 Sunday at Avatarfest2016

    Sunday at Avatarfest2016

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    Sunday at Avatarfest2016 Filmed @ AvatarFest 2016 (Oct 2nd 2016) This is my second video in the AvatarFest 2016 series where I retrace my steps from the day and show you what I saw, heard and danced too. The video is about 13 minutes and hope to have done

  • 04:16 Popular FirstDay Avatarfest 2016

    FirstDay Avatarfest 2016

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    FirstDay Avatarfest 2016 Short video of the three events from the first day of AvatarFest 2016. Opening party at Der Krater club, Truelie Telling back on the main festival region and then winding down for the day with DJ Strannik. Tomorrow will try to do

  • 02:17 Popular AvatarFest 2016 final

    AvatarFest 2016 final

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    AvatarFest 2016 final This is the more complete version of the AvatarFest region video. Almost all of the exhibits are there are the region is looking amazing. A shining example of the community and the talent that can be found here in OpenSim. Come and c

  • 03:22 MdM Craft World revisited

    MdM Craft World revisited

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    MdM Craft World revisited This evening I visited the awe inspiring Craft World region called Museo del Metaverso (MdM). There is some incredible artistry and creativity here I highly recommend visiting inworld. You can find out more information about the

  • 04:29 VirungaOutworldz


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    VirungaOutworldz Third video in the OutWorldz grid series. Today I visit the Virunga regions. There is animal NPCs, a tribute to the work of DIan Fosseys last home in the Virungas, a troupe of mountain Gorillas and Bill and Ben the flower pot men. Laid Ba

  • 02:32 Popular AvatarFest the calm before the storm

    AvatarFest the calm before the storm

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    AvatarFest the calm before the storm A promo video for the upcoming AvatarFest Opensim community event. The are exhibits and performers from all over the hypergrid to celebrate as a community. There are still gaps as there are still some exhibits to be pu

  • 06:18 Popular There Be Dragons Outworldz

    There Be Dragons Outworldz

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    There Be Dragons Outworldz A wonderful region full of magic and well dragons. Filmed @ Music: Firebrand by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( ) Sourc