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  • 02:53 Last Night in Transylvania

    Last Night in Transylvania

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    Last Night in Transylvania See what happened Last Night in an office in Washington Created with Plotagon.

  • 02:08 Curbed Event 2016

    Curbed Event 2016

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    Curbed Event 2016 TELEPORT to Bembecia: The Curbed Event began with one set of furniture - an original mesh sofa, chair and footstool. Custom animations are created and added for both regular/adul

  • 00:57 Popular No free will

    No free will

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    No free will Created with Plotagon.

  • 06:20 Enchanted Dimensions

    Enchanted Dimensions

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    Enchanted Dimensions Created for the 8th UWA International Short Film Challenge (MachinimUWA VIII) "PURSUE IMPOSSIBLE" of The University of Western Australia (UWA) in Second Life™ Filmed 2015 in Secondlife™ Orange22 The BlacknWhite effect is n