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  • 02:09 Here and now.

    Here and now.

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    Here and now. A machinima that is made using a Poem by Rob Walker, the installation 'Dance' by Myra Wildmist showing at UWA, the burn patterns of the skin of a woman and a misty mountain in Japan.

  • 05:30 At Innsmouth

    At Innsmouth

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    At Innsmouth Innsmouth is a place in Second Life inspired by the works of H. P. Lovecraft. It is a nice place to make pictures at. Creepy. Something nekos can deal with. That is why I have them in there.

  • 07:17 Popular CyberArt 2015 contest Lea 12 Second Life

    CyberArt 2015 contest Lea 12 Second Life

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    CyberArt 2015 contest Lea 12 Second Life A movie about the CyberArt 2015 contest organized by Asmita Duranjaya and Sable showing works with a cyber motive from 15 artists. Movie is by Merit Coba and Taubchen Sonnenkern. Music is by Tracing Arcs. Should be

  • 04:16 Going Cyber

    Going Cyber

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    Going Cyber This is a movie that shows the art of various artist who exhibited at the Space 4 Art virtual place owned by Asmita Duranjaya.I was visiting and I the music I played matched with the various art objects displayed. So I made this movie.The movi

  • 07:32 Wuxia (Dream Creations)

    Wuxia (Dream Creations)

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    Wuxia (Dream Creations) Showing the dream creations landscape made by Oh My Shalala(aka Juno Atkings) on the dream creations sim owned by Snowman(Snowman72). Music is Delightful Afternoon by DJ Bouly. And with nekos, of course. TELEPORT to Dream Creations