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  • 07:04 Popular Flying around Adventure Bay

    Flying around Adventure Bay

    by Mike Hart Added 303 Views

    Just testing out the Bullet scripted plane on the 100 region VAR Water Islands. Pretty darn cool.It needs a few adjustments and a decent pilot, but works fine. I need to also add the altimeter and artificial horizon to the Hud.

  • 05:20 Popular Temptation Yacht

    Temptation Yacht

    by Mike Hart Added 351 Views

    This is the super cool Luxury fully fitted Tempation Yacht from J.P. Collections weighing in at a hefty 733 prims. This yacht is not powered by Bullet or ODE it is totally non-physical. The motors on the back and the movement of the Yacht are powered from

  • 06:01 Popular Jet Skiing on the New Adventure Bay

    Jet Skiing on the New Adventure Bay

    by Mike Hart Added 336 Views

    Jet Skiing on the New Adventure Bay Found a new Jetski scripted for Bullet. Works quite well. This is a quick jaunt around the newly modified 100 region 10 x 10 VAR Adventure Bay. Added additions is the 3 new regions at the back, the new Diving Center and

  • 02:46 Popular Non Physical Jetski

    Non Physical Jetski

    by Mike Hart Added 350 Views

    Non Physical Jetski Welcome to the new and improved Jetski on the Next Reality Water Islands. This Jetski doesn't need ODE or Bullet physics. Which gets rid off all those horrible niggle physical problem we have been having.Dialog controlled for different

  • 02:14 Popular Radical SR3 RS

    Radical SR3 RS

    by Mike Hart Added 353 Views

    Radical SR3 RS Taking out one of the School cars. The Radical SR3 RS on the New re-designed Pro Racer Circuit which is now wider and longer. Just past the school on the right is the brand new longer Pit Entrance.To try out the cars at the school use the T

  • 02:40 Popular Red Bull F1 Test

    Red Bull F1 Test

    by Mike Hart Added 314 Views

    Red Bull F1 Test Testing a low prim mesh F1 Red Bull car With added high detail F1 Steering Wheel on the New Pro Racer Motorsports Circuit.