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    Ngrid - Shapeshifter

    by Joe Zazulak Added 189 Views / 1 Likes

    Ngrid - Shapeshifter A machinima showing highlights of Ngrid's Shapeshifter sim by Alpha Auer.hypergrid address: by Jyri: "Laulud laotan luidetele-instrumental." Used under a Creative Commons license.:

  • 09:08 Popular Tip Corbett Shapeshifter NGrid

    Tip Corbett Shapeshifter NGrid

    by Fuschia Nightfire Added 212 Views / 2 Likes

    On Demand Tip Corbett playing live at Blueprint City in Shapeshifter Sim, NGrid on Wednesday 11th February for HG Safari.Blueprint City is a modern city built by Alpha Auer on NGrid ShapeShifter, ShapeShifter (158, 162, 281) - Moderate @ http://hg.ngrid.o

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    On Demand Music by Kromproom, "information are transmitted inrotrance" (CC). Downloaded from Jamendo and used under the creative commons license that attends the video. Filmed