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  • 41:17 Wy Nott interviews Oblee

    Wy Nott interviews Oblee

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    Wy Nott interviews Oblee Wy interviews Oblee, an AWESOME musician and SL creator. Excellent interview! : Oblee on Facebook: TELEPORT to Oblee's Store: SL MARKETPLACE

  • 03:29 Thunk! Drums

    Thunk! Drums

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    Thunk! Drums A short video about Thunk! drums which are made in Second Life by looping musician Oblee. The drums are 100% original mesh and the sounds all recorded with real instruments played naturally. THOUSANDS of combinations are possible with just a

  • 05:31 Popular Oblee @The Forest

    Oblee @The Forest

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    Oblee live at The Forest, filmed by Fuschia Nightfire on 5th February 2014. TELEPOIRT to Carnival Land:

  • 05:00 Popular The Drax Files: World Makers [Episode 25: Oblee]

    The Drax Files: World Makers [Episode 25: Oblee]

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    On Demand Independent Musician Oblee lives on a remote 7 acre piece of land in Durango Colorado, but through virtual reality he can connect to a global audience: "I can do a world tour in one day", he says about his gigs in Second Life, where he plays sol