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  • 04:53 Popular Halloween Party [Opensim life grid]

    Halloween Party [Opensim life grid]

    by Leighton Marjoram Added 168 Views

    A video shot at the Halloween party, Inspiration Island on the Opensim Life grid. The costumes, the company and the venue were fantastic. Here is the address if you would like to visit Inspiration Island using the hypergrid (more information below): grid.

  • 03:34 Buglebourg Update

    Buglebourg Update

    by Leighton Marjoram Added 131 Views

    Buglebourg Update Settling in nicely over on the Opensim Life grid and thought I know a video of me boating and balloon riding on the region. The region is called Buglebourg and is a steampunk/industrial/medieval 3x3 var region. There is still allot to do

  • 04:07 Popular Return to OpenSim Life “Tropical Life” region

    Return to OpenSim Life “Tropical Life” region

    by Leighton Marjoram Added 275 Views

    Return to OpenSim Life “Tropical Life” region Decided to return to the grid to do a second attempt at a video with the help of Bill Blight grid owner and vehicle scripter extraordinaire. While he ably piloted I sat in the passenger seat of his

  • 03:53 Popular OpenSim Life

    OpenSim Life

    by Leighton Marjoram Added 160 Views

    OpenSim Life A video of me exploring the OpenSim Life grid had a wonderful time there and highly recommend a visit. I rode the monorail, two types of Jetski and a pontoon. Grab a friend or two and go and have fun together. HG address: