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  • 08:50 Pursue impossibe

    Pursue impossibe

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    Pursue impossibe Machinimuwa VIII for the University Western Australia's

  • 06:07 VOLTE-FACE


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    the character relives dark thoughts and finally turns the page and lives simply filmed at: Spencer Museum, Cocytus(LEA), L'Atelier,L'Ouvroir, Inside in out (LEA), AAC, Pandora (LEA),Batterie Beach,Shambhala Utopia,Seaside Cove Artists:Frankx Lefavre, Have

  • 04:33 Popular Sophia Hines (Paris, France) - Transcending Borders

    Sophia Hines (Paris, France) - Transcending Borders

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    On Demand Machinima by Sophia Hines Transcending Borders for the University of Western Australia's MachinimUWA Vll