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  • 03:00 SL9B - Destroy

    SL9B - Destroy

    by pallina60 Loon Added 138 Views / 1 Likes

    On Demand 30 June 2012 A small video unpretentious. Created to impress in the memory the wonderful experience at SL9B. These few frames show the time of the destruction of my building, "The Virtual Marble Machine" and that of my friend Solkide Auer called

  • 03:55 SL9B - RUN

    SL9B - RUN

    by pallina60 Loon Added 149 Views / 2 Likes

    SL9B - RUN 24 June 2012 This video was created by pallina60 Loon in SL9B The fun installation was created by Banrion Constantine and Sowa Mai (Aequitas) Thanks to all those who participated in the filming Muah!