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  • 05:29 Popular Alcyon and Ceyx

    Alcyon and Ceyx

    by LaPiscean Added 230 Views

    For the University of Western Australia Machinima Challenge. Directed by Joseph Nussbaum, music by Paragate, Poem by Colin Bell. Sculpture: "A Virtual Wander in Two Dimensions and a Half" by ErikoLeo. The sculpture is used to be a doorway into the story.

  • 01:11 Slartist@UWA - Art of The Artists Machinima Challenge Promo

    Slartist@UWA - Art of The Artists Machinima Challenge Promo

    by LaPiscean Added 149 Views

    Slartist@UWA Promo by Rysan Fall Details for Art of the Artist Challenge can be found here: Contacts: UWA:Jayjay Zifanwe or FreeWee Ling Contacts: Slartist: LaPiscean Liberty

  • 04:36 Popular Cerulean


    by Bryn Oh Added 186 Views

    Cerulean is a side story within an exquisite corpse build done in Second Life. The larger build is called The Path and is a collaboration between Bryn Oh, Colin Fizgig, Marcus Inkpen, Desdemona Enfield / Douglas Story, Maya Paris, Claudia222 Jewell, Scott