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Sunset Quinnell

  • 04:14 Zathyra's Love and Light

    Zathyra's Love and Light

    by LaPiscean Added 140 Views

    Zathyra's Love and Light Such a magical place.....your fantasy will thank you for visiting it in Second Life:

  • 02:49 Popular Poesias de Guerreira Xue

    Poesias de Guerreira Xue

    by LaPiscean Added 150 Views

    Poesias de Guerreira Xue Vídeo apresentando duas poesias de Guerreira Xue: "Um Dia" e "Horizontes" recitadas por Guida Loura e Giorgio Armani. Agradecimento especial ao irmão Abel Paulino que pacientemente ajudou na edição ENGL

  • 03:34 Popular Tiny Sunny at CyberPolis

    Tiny Sunny at CyberPolis

    by LaPiscean Added 237 Views

    Tiny Sunny at CyberPolis Tiny Sunny visited the Installation The Oracle - Another Tale from CyberPolis bye Asmita Duranjaya. TELEPORT to LEA 10: LEA 10

  • 05:41 Popular Pursue Impossible for Who

    Pursue Impossible for Who

    by LaPiscean Added 156 Views

    Pursue Impossible for Who Pursue impossible for Who has my questioning about the strength that some people have to face the adversities of life, but others do not. This video is a tribute to the young Johnny died in August 2015, a week before completing 2