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  • 05:27 Scarpe Diem

    Scarpe Diem

    by LaPiscean Added 142 Views

    Scarpe Diem A tribute to Scarp Godenot, artist and friend to so many in Second Life and real life. I hope this little video captures something of the the generosity, kindness, and sheer wackiness of Bob Bauer's expansive personality and creativity, his se

  • 06:48 Popular The Spoils of Annwn

    The Spoils of Annwn

    by LaPiscean Added 219 Views

    The Spoils of Annwn What better place to stage the Otherworld than in the immaterial Otherworld of Second Life? This film is a representation of a digital environment, itself a 3D interpretation of a poem that defies interpretation. "Preiddeu Annwn" ("the