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  • 05:30 Swirl Eight

    Swirl Eight

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    Swirl Eight The light, colour and people of an art show opening. Filmed at Art Project 2 at Blue Orange in Second Life, April 2017 ( ). The work of the following artists are in the

  • 02:15 White On Indigo

    White On Indigo

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    White On Indigo A piece of art and a some music, an avatar and a few poses. Either a short video or an extended photograph. Visit Art by Indigo Claire from her exhibition currently at : Art by In

  • 06:37 Falling Between Worlds

    Falling Between Worlds

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    Falling Between Worlds The Story of Cathy and Sam. They were caught between two worlds in 1950s America. A fictionalised story, it draws on many actual events in a racially divided nation. The story still resonates in today's political climate. A blog pos

  • 06:10 Zed & Two Ohs

    Zed & Two Ohs

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    Zed & Two Ohs Bringing two Ohs together: SaveMe Oh performance and Bryn Oh's 'Hand', performance and installation art. Original music by DeceptionsDigital ( ). 'Hands' is at:

  • 03:43 Edward Thomas

    Edward Thomas

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    Edward Thomas A machinima around the poetry of Edward Thomas, with an introduction by myself. Edward Thomas was born in London in 1878 to a mostly Welsh family. One of the foremost literary critics of his age, he turned to poetry in 1914 with the encourag

  • 12:40 The Very Discrete is Now Visible

    The Very Discrete is Now Visible

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    The Very Discrete is Now Visible A video work of a performance by SaveMe Oh, original music by Deceptions Digital, Dec 2016. The visuals are overlaid throughout. Silhouettes, shadows and avatars emerge and dissolve, sliding from foreground to background t

  • 07:42 There is no Cure for Curiosity

    There is no Cure for Curiosity

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    There is no Cure for Curiosity The audio is as important as the visuals, so please find headphones if you don't have good speakers. It's tales of Insilico told in several voices. The audio overlays ambient sound, music and multiple spoken elements. Shot a

  • 09:03 Symphony for a Lost King

    Symphony for a Lost King

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    Symphony for a Lost King A performance by SaveMe Oh at the Josef K Galleria dell'Arte 30 September 2016. Soundtrack edited from performance music provided by DJs Morlita Quan, Yadleen SL & Echo Starship. In this performance, the visuals are overlaid i

  • 03:50 Our Music of the Spheres

    Our Music of the Spheres

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    Our Music of the Spheres Selected for Supernova 2016. A film poem combining words, images and music. As always, the process is cyclical - an idea, some filming, a search for music, then back to the idea again. But with words also involved, there was also

  • 03:08 The Pillars

    The Pillars

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    The Pillars A documentary film of an installation. "The Pillars: Four Moments of Contemplation" by Oberon Onmura is a forest of mountain pillars inhabited by four bots, each in his own soundscape. And then, something flickers.... Oberon is known for his m

  • 03:01 Floyrillen


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    Floyrillen A video produced in advance for the Pink Floyd weekend at Furillen. Concepts inspired by Pink Floyd’s artwork, reinterpreted within a virtual world. Furillen is at TELEPORT to Love of Life:

  • 03:38 Popular Running with Spanish Power

    Running with Spanish Power

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    Running with Spanish Power A record of the Susa Bubble installation by Rose Borchovski on LEA7 in Second Life. Only there for a week during May 2016. Music: Power Lines in Valencia (Jazznoize) /

  • 04:25 Escape to Blue Jazz

    Escape to Blue Jazz

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    Escape to Blue Jazz An affectionate portrait of the weekends I used to go away dancing. Created in Second Life using photographs from Kendal, Manchester and Bristol, incorporated into sets. Audio was recorded by myself at various locations. The bar is in

  • 03:05 Meet me at Molly's

    Meet me at Molly's

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    Meet me at Molly's A narrative without dialogue, a tale of two people. Filmed at The Wastelands in Second Life TELEPORT to Wastelands: The music followed the story rather than sparking the

  • 04:30 Popular The Colouring of Snow

    The Colouring of Snow

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    The Colouring of Snow SaveMe Oh's unique style of performance art staged at Serene Footman's Furillen in Second Life. Serene set up Furillen as a space for things to happen - like a prepared canvas - and has successfully attracted many artists making a va