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MachinimUWA VI

  • 04:12 Popular Past | Beyond by Vilvi

    Past | Beyond by Vilvi

    by System Added 467 Views

    On Demand Short film about past, choices and what lies beyond the mirror.Placed 1st in the Machinima Challenge put forth by the University of Western Australia (UWA) in 2013. The theme of the challenge was 'Reflections'.Machinima filmed in Second Life.

  • 03:46 Popular "Pallina...the little rascal" WINNER OF 3nd PLACE MACHINIMUWA VI 2013 "Reflections"

    "Pallina...the little rascal" WINNER OF 3nd PLACE MACHINIMUWA VI 2013 "Reflections"

    by pallina60 Loon Added 444 Views

    On Demand My entry for MachinimUWA VI - "Reflections" What is it MachinimUWA VI? Click here pallina60 Loon's movieMusic"Main Theme" and Hamster March"content in the Media Poolthat come with the video editing progr

  • 06:14 Popular Window On A Train

    Window On A Train

    by Natascha Randt Added 473 Views

    This is the 11th collaboration of Filmmaker Natascha Randt and Poet/Composer Karima Hoisan. It is our Costa Rica-Germany-Connection video for the MachinimUWA VI challenge "Reflections".You can find more information about our movie here: http://karimahoisa