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Coming Soon: The SL Dating Game Show Announcement


Coming Soon: The SL Dating Game Show Announcement

A new show is making its way to my channel soon and it is The SL Dating Game! 
This is open to the public to join, but you must be a Second Life Resident!

This is the Official form for the SL Dating Game on Cassandra Middles' Channel! 
The SL Dating game will go in this fashion:
The Hostess, Miss Middles, will be welcoming everyone to the show, introducing the bachelor/ette of the episode. There will be three eligible others on the other side, only the audience knowing who each one is.
The Bachelor/ette will ask each one a question without pointing out their names, questions given to them by the hostess.
After a few rounds of questions, the bachelor/ette can decide on which of the three they'd pick as a winner.
The hostess will then announce each of the mystery three players and their attributes they list in the form below, saving the winner for last. The winner and main player will get to go on an outting either predetermined by the host or of the bachelor/ette's choosing.


By filling in this document, you agree to the following rules:
1. You are verified to be over the age of 18.
2. You comply with being recorded and shown on Cassandra Middle's Channel.
3. You comply with the information used in this application to be used in introductions where applicable.
4. You will be on time during recordings you agree to. No-shows will be removed from any further shows as applicants.
5. You will refrain from making any racist, sexist, ageist comments. This is a light-hearted show.
6. Please no nudity or sexual toys on the show.
Join Here!:

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