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Designing Worlds DW 265 - In-World Education


In this episode, we're talking about education in Second Life – not the kind supplied by real life universities and schools who have regions in-world, but the in-world education and training centres that have been created by residents, are maintained and taught by residents, and exist to pass on skills and knowledge to help people (especially newcomers) get the best out of their virtual lives and learn both basic and advanced skills (such as building) to use in-world.

We’re joined by representatives of three of the best-known education centres: Brace Coral from NCI, also known as New Citizens Incorporated, one of the oldest centres for new residents on the grid; Toady Nakamura and Flea Bussy, well known of course as the janitors of Grendels, but also teachers at the very popular Raglan U, whose fans extend well beyond the tiny community in which it’s located; Leslea, also from Raglan U; and by Sen Maximus, one of the owners of the very popular Builder's Brewery, famed for its building classes.

In addition, we visit these three establishments – during which Saffia takes a course in Dinkie form at Raglan U – and hold a panel discussion on the pros and cons of in-world education and how to get the best out of Second Life through training and education.

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