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Designing Worlds DW274 - Fiction in New Babbage


Designing Worlds DW274 - Fiction in New Babbage

For this episode, we’ve come to New Babbage - and this time we’re very hopeful that nothing can possibly go wrong!

We talk to some New Babbagers about how these regions have produced a quite remarkable amount of fiction - not just shared internally with the citizens, or through blogs and other aetheric devices, but in physical books available from Amazon, for example.

We’re joined by Bookworm Heinrichs, a New Babbage librarian, and also by two noted authors: Miss Ceejay Writer, who has recently published the first of her Brassbright Chronicles: The Flight to Brassbright, and Mr Emerson Lighthouse, a prominent teller of tales in New Babbage, whose work has appeared in the Tales of New Babbage books, which are, of course, in part edited by Miss Heinrichs, and in two episodes (and counting) of the Clockhaven Chronicles.

Discover how roleplay and writing fiction can intertwine, and how tales from New Babbage have made their way on to the bookshelves of the physical world.

Music licensed in this episode:
Bossa Lounger (Theme music): Associated Production Music Inc
Orchestral Debut, Hardly Working: Audioblocks
Mainly Because Of This (Slideshow theme): Beat Suite Music Library

If you are interested in learning more about the literature of New Babbage discussed in this show, here is a reading list compelled by Ceejay:

Joe Gatch
Phineas Frakture was an avatar in New Babbage before jumping off to his own adventures!
The Adventures of Phineas Frakture
The Adventures of Phineas Frakture: Steam Wars
Steam & Sorcery: a Transdimensional Adventure

Sheryl Nantus
This steampunk western was written by a little clockwork dragon at the CocoaJava Cafe in New Babbage. The book’s dedication page thanks the city of New Babbage.
Wild Cards and Iron Horses

Lori Alden Holuta
Books inspired by city of New Babbage while the author’s avatar resided there. The Brassbright concept came to life through a character bio that got well out of hand.
The Flight To Brassbright
The Steamkettle Kids Save The Day

P.S. Chambers
Captive Sky, Truant Heart is based on a New Babbage avatar named Sky. The publisher, Penny Gaff Publishing LLC, maintains a virtual publishing house in New Babbage.
Captive Sky, Truant Heart (Clockhaven Chronicles Book 1)
Day of the Dragons: The Girl in the Corner... (Clockhaven Chronicles Book 2)

Andrew McCurdy
Emerson Lighthouse, a New Babbage avatar, appears in the story. The publisher, Penny Gaff Publishing LLC, maintains a virtual publishing house in New Babbage.
A Drop of the Venom: Leviathan's Bane (Clockhaven Chronicles Book 3)

Maxwell Grantly
Author’s avatar of a clockwork teddy bear features in one story, set in New Babbage.  Other stories are also set in the city.
Runs Like Clockwork

Various Authors with New Babbage Avatars
Tales of New Babbage: The Steampunk City Volumes 1 - 3

Collections of former Flash Fiction contests: Dialogues Volumes 1-5, free in the R.F. Burton Library in New Babbage. Look to the left just as you enter the library.

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