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Designing Worlds DW320X - Linden Lab Special Edition


Designing Worlds DW320X - Linden Lab Special Edition

In this special edition of Designing Worlds, we present a special announcement from Linden Lab that will change your Second Life for the better. Watch the show to learn more!

Music licensed from Associated Production Music Inc and Audioblocks/Film Firm Inc and used under the terms of applicable licences.

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  • LaPiscean Banned Added One learns early in opensim, that prim count on a region is just a number. As most server resources go to tracking the Avatar, the less population you have, the more you afford regions more prims. The higher the population, the less prims you can have. So really this is a message of how the population in SL has decreased.
  • Jayd Added What an Underwhelming, poorly handled announcement by the Lab this has been. Maybe one of the worst big news things they have ever done. For something as huge as 50% more prims the lab say "Get Premium for 50% off?" hahahaha

    And now all we know is estates will be Soon(tm) with nothing for the way most people live.