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Designing Worlds DW334 - Preserving SL


Designing Worlds DW334 - Preserving SL


In this episode, the last of the season, we‘re in our studio for one of our periodic discussion shows, looking at a somewhat contentious issue: preserving Second Life - not the whole of it, but very special Second Life locations.

Joining us for this discussion are Patch Linden, of Linden Lab; Ran Heinrichs of the University of Washington’s iSchool; Arik Metzger, the owner of Innsmouth; and Tymus Tenk, the co-owner of Calas Galadhon.

What criteria should be used to preserve much-loved Second Life installations? How should it be done? These and many other questions about Second Life preservation are addressed in this episode.

In addition, in this feature-length discussion we include images of a variety of preserved classic Second Life locations such as Mont St-Michel, Svarga and The Galaxy, by our star photographer Wildstar Beaumont.

Locations Mentioned on the Show:

Calas Galadhon (starting point - there are ten regions to explore!): 
Innsmouth:  (but please note the region is currently undergoing renovation and much is currently closed to visitors)


Mont St Michel: 

SS Galaxy: 

Ivory Tower Library of Primitives: 

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