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Designing Worlds DW355 Sansar Creative Beta Part II


In the second of two programmes made in Linden Lab's new virtual world Sansar, we talk to several designers who are working in this new virtual world – which is in its "Creative Beta" stage, where designers are being invited to create "Experiences" and test the capabilities and limits of the system.

Jason Gholston of Linden Lab gives us some insights into where the project is now, and shows us the awesome Hall of Materials, where you can investigate the different ways materials can be represented and interact in audio as well as vision. Loz Hyde, Solas NaGealai, Ria and Cerberus join us in Kayle Matzerath's Sansar replica of the Designing Worlds studio to introduce some of their work and talk about how they find the system, and we look at some of the Linden Lab-created Experiences that give some indication of the capabilities on Sansar.

Sansar is in Beta currently and is by no means finished – and one area where that couldn't be more true is in the provision of facilities for videographers and machinimists: there are few. So our camera work is limited, as is our appearance. Don't let it put you off: Sansar is a fascinating platform that operates in a very different way to Second Life, and is getting better and better. Enjoy.

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Picnic At Mr Darcy's: 
The Grand Hall: 
The Grand Hall for VR headsets: 
114 Harvest: 
Darkwood Forest: 

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