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Designing Worlds DW382 - Ghost of the Bridge


In our 2018 Hallowee'en Special, we take you back in time for a tale written by Judith Cullen (known as Caledonia Skytower in Second Life.)

Set in Luxembourg (and filmed in the beautiful 1867 Pfaffenthal regions), you can learn about the mishaps of Max, a young man with a loving wife, a storytelling friend, an unfortunate taste for alcohol ... and perhaps too vivid an imagination!

Elrik Merlin, Corwyn Allen, Mavromichali Szondi and Caledonia Skytower tell the story, which is illustrated by images created by Wildstar Beaumont under the direction of Aisling Sinclair, and featuring Maxwell Grantly as Max, Dev Vaughn as Thierry, with Conn Munroe as Roland and Eloisa Denimore as Mariette. Other parts were played by the residents of Pfaffenthal (part of Luxembourg 1867), the Second Life Cheerleaders Squad and Designing Worlds fans.

In the local bar, Max and his friends are having a drink or two, or quite a lot more, and Thierry is telling a ghost story - the legendary a tale of the permanently inebriated Stierches-geescht, which lurks under the bridge.

It's a shape-shifting ghost that might look like... anything. Eventually, everyone is very drunk - but Max especially so - as the group decide to go up to the fort and drink the last of their liquor.

But then, Max gets left behind…

Special thanks go to Hauptmann Weydert for his assistance in the Luxembourg 1867 regions.

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