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Designing Worlds DW408 - Bakes On Mesh


In this episode, we discuss the newly-available Second Life technology Bakes On Mesh - what it is and how it can be used.

We’re joined by Vir Linden, Second Life Viewer Manager, and Strawberry Linden, Marketing Content Specialist, to give us the background, and by creators Siddean Munro, the owner of Slink, home of mesh bodies, hands, feet and heads - as well as other things; and Ampersand Artful of Adored, creator of makeup and tattoos - and other avatar elements.

Bakes On Mesh allows you to use those old system clothes you've had in your inventory with your BOM-compatible mesh body and head – but that's just the beginning. Bakes On Mesh also means that we'll be seeing less of Applier HUDs and their complexities, and much more.

And as this show premieres on November 4th, the day before Firework Night, in the UK, we round off the show with a special fireworks display at the Designing Worlds studio.

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