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DW416 - Cain Maven


This episode features home designer Cain Maven.

Cain's designs range from the vast (in the Quantum Luxury Homes range) to more modest styles in the Maven Homes range. We talk to him about his design concepts, and explore both types of homes. Cain also allows us a glimpse at the very first home he built - we think you'll enjoy his caustic comments on his efforts back then!

But his more recent homes range from classical builds to the ultra modern, built with style and class - there is a reason why both brands are so popular, as we hope to show!

We also take the time for a longer discussion with Cain on issues such as the new Linden Homes and the sale of Sansar - does Cain see the Sansar project as a waste of time, or as a valuable learning experience (on many levels) for the Lab.

Take a look to hear his views, as ever cogently and wittily expressed - and also to see his fabulous homes! It’s a very impressive show.

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