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Frankly Speaking - Part Three


Frankly Speaking - Part Three

So I ramble. It's practice for me. Read a few small books gave a few of my own points of view.

Don't take anything serious but it is a subject to learn about. History has been known to repeat itself and we have seen the warning signs.

This isn't a case of hey we want to be as free as the Hippy movement, smoke a little pot, drink a little beer, go skinny dipping kind of groups NOOOO...This is about a domestic group of terrorist in the country and abroad trying to push people around with their agenda.

Half of them don't even know what the hell their joining in with. We have a big problem in the world we didn't need a bunch of brats following in the lines of the promoters of communism and socialism. It doesn't work period.

Forgive my lisp and mispronunciation of words. It's a good exercise for me.

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