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Giant snail race 541 18 Novt 10 14th Birthday


Well 14 year of Giant Snail Races. This one is 541 add on another 3 years of before we started filming and counting and you get 607 races approximately ( we skipped a few that landed on Holidays. It has been so fun I hope it never ends. So many great people have been Giant Snails with us. Thank you all for keeping it going. We have never really expanded beyond much beyond 40 first because that was the limit but now because when we do stuff stops working and snails drift away from the lag or the sim used to crash a lot. I remember the first race back on Mont Martre I was so nervous I was up all night worrying that I would screw up something and people would get mad. But it went pretty well with my system of moving prims on a board marking what lap folks were on. Then we had this little map in the grandstand that was the sim to scale with little snails moving around on it showing where the snails were in the sim. After that I started having the grand stands fly around the sim. I tried to set there speed to running speed which is how fast a snail can go. Sometimes it worked sometimes not. But it added to the fun for the spectators. So many changes. One day sufient surface was at Mont Martre working on a push system he designed to shoot people to other points and managed to land them exactly where he wanted them to. I got him to give me a mod able version and have been shooting the snails around the track ever since. Anyway today is our last race of this year . We start back up in January see you then Snail racers.

RacerX Gullwing, Vienna Topp,Tindallia Soothsayer,BrianTopp,Lobbie Somersett,

Giant Racing Snail Pros, Alden Cortes,

Giant Racing Snails,
BrianTopp, Lobbie Somerset,FionaFei,

Some of our music we use during the race is by my good friend ,Alazarin Mobius, Credits music by ,Alazarin Mobius Cosmodrome, is on the album Reticulated Splines and during the race we used his song Space_Patrol is on the album Iax

this weeks supporters

Kerhop Seattle
BrianTopp Resident
Oodlemi Noodle care of Mae Best
charlieCosmic Resident
Alden Cortes

Linn Darkwatch
Dorie Bernstein

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