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Giant snail race 592 20 Feb 15th Mardi Gras


Every year @ Gullwingcoast in second life we celebrate Super Hero Tribute. Every week in second life, all players come from various corners of the world to
race at a unique event at Gulwingcoast. While racing, our audience listens to our cracky brew of impromptu commentary from our cast members. This week was Mardi Gras and boy there was a LOT of beaded necklaces, Enjoy

The weekly races are held in Second life at the sim named \"Gullwing Coast Racers\" Saturdays At 10:30 AM
Come see them in person.

Announcers were
RacerX Gullwing,Mae Best,Tindallia Soothsayer,lobbie Riggles,
Dorie Bernstein,Jasewolf Wyle,
Giant Racing Snail

Alden Cortes,Fiona Fei,
Lendani,Jasewolf Wyle,
Abriel Stargazer (littleabs),
Dorie Bernstein,

Some of our music we use during the race is by my good friend ,Alazarin Mobius, Credits music by ,Alazarin Mobius Cosmodrome, is on the album Reticulated Splines and during the race we used his song Space_Patrol is on the album Laxartes Tholus at

this weeks supporters
Alden Cortes
Cinders Vale
JaseWolf Wylie
badgerofzen Resident
Alden Cortes
Sweetiepie Constantine
Adessa Mattercaster

LittleAbs Resident
IvyDoom Resident
Ukla Oldrich
FionaFei Resident
DukeVan Acker
Linn Darkwatch

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