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Giant snail race 599 20 April 4th Disney Tribute


Every year 10:30am SL/EST @ Gullwingcoast in second life we dress up as Snails and run around the track with impromptu commentary from our racing cast! It is wacky, it is insane and we hope you enjoy our Disney tribute theme race. We hope to see you next week.The weekly races are held in Secondlife at the sim named \"Gullwing Coast Racers\" Saturdays At 10:30 AM Come see them in person.

Announcers were RacerX Gullwing,Mae Best,Tindallia Soothsayer,Lobbie riggles,Oodlemi Noodle,

Streaming sound, Baldi McMillan,in game Camera director ,Stephanie Brimmer,JaseWolf, was driving the balloon as fast as he can.Giant Snails,

Alden Cortes,Dani,Jasewolf Wyle,Oodlemi Noodle,

Some of our music we use during the race is by my good friend ,Alazarin Mobius, Credits music by ,Alazarin Mobius Cosmodrome, is on the album Reticulated Splines and during the race we used his song Space_Patrol is on the album Laxartes Tholus athttp:alazarinmobius.bandcamp.comthis weeks supporters
BrianTopp ResidentCadiWolf DobbsJaseWolf WylieKerhop SeattleAlden Cortesbadgerofzen Residentcinders ValeJerkwad Borkotron4beautifulseasonsadvertising loopy StringSolitary PaganCaleb KitMalada Inkpen*unnecessary use of commas just to make it easy to copy paste into tags box.

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