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I am Death


I am Death

My very first halloween machinima!

After Octoberville King Jonathan Yap asked me to make a video at Octoberville sim in Second Life, I found inspiration by a poem of Ramona Thompson, called "My Halloween Friend"

For info about Octoberville go to:  and​books/​journeysofpurpose.pdf

For info about me go to:

Voice over and foley:
Lauren Weyland, Chantal Harvey, Octoberville people.

The Poem:

Halloween Friend

How would you like be to mine?
A part of my inner circle of demons and fiends
Losers and misfits all
Laughing like mad men and women - set free for a wild spree on All Hallow's night
Over and over again living the very worse of our nightmares through the living flesh of you and yours
When and how to stop we do not know
Evil to the core
Evil beyond all imagination
No good left in these rotten apples at all

Friendly it seems until we rip off your faces and eat out your insides
Run and hide
I dare you to try
Eternal little ghouls and goblins will still find you
Don't you know by now who and what we truely are?

All you naughty, cruel human beings
Look tonight
In the moonlight
In your broken, unlucky mirrors
And you will see that in your reflections cast
We are.....


2008 Ramona Thompson


AviewTV Archive
Filmed with Fraps, edited with Adobe Premiere CS5.
© 2010 Chantal Harvey

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