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Medieval Fantasy Garb for Kemono Avatars Commercial


Medieval Fantasy Garb for Kemono Avatars Commercial

Been a while since I uploaded a Second Life video. It's gonna be about one of my products in Second Life this time, though.


Description: Took me around 2 weeks to finish this :) it's a medieval fantasy garb / swordsman / woman outfit with a leather belt, tails, a cloak, badge, golden trims, potions - and all of them are rigged!

You can detach the cloak and the tails by wearing other versions of the outfit depending on your preference, also included is a "Bulkier Skirt" version for you who don't like to alpha your bottom part.

The rigged potions were rigged in a way so their clips stays inside the belt's loops even when the belt's moving around with the avatar.

Also included is a link to the outfit's modkit which includes the outfit's AO & UV maps, PSD files, and textures. It also contains the potions' AO maps.

The outfit has 8 faces, all are modifiable and tintable to your liking. The potions each has 3 faces which are also fully modifiable and tintable.

Enjoy! :)

Product should be in my inworld store too soon, where you can buy it with a 20L$ discount.

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