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Narration Of The Gnome


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To those in debate over Fracking and to redirect those who need redirecting,
I prescribe attention to the Narration Of The Gnome;

A Gnome is an Elemental being or Spirit, only visible to those that look with second sight. They symbolize the magical realms outside the boundaries of human consciousness. The Wizard Gnome here sets forth both a guide for people to access the higher frequencies, to open to an awareness of the other realms coexisting with us on the Earth, along with a timely caution against the consequences of an unrestrained and predatory commercial materialism for the individual spirit and for Earths Ecosphere.

Of particular relevance to any modern perceiver of Gnome wisdom, the caution of the Gnome's narration is about neglecting care and kindness to the Earth at our own peril, of energy imbalances and overloading of magnetic fields causing ill health to the Earth and its ecosphere, which in turn closes down our portals of perception and understanding, further reducing our capability to change. Such factors as the desecration of the unique biological diversity of Earth species, as is the case for many Trees, Bees and Butterflies for example, both a crucual signifier of how far mankind has strayed from a cooperative concord with our Earth-Nature, the source of our physical selves and has further consequences such as the eventual collapse of the life sustaining systems which relied on these co-residents to oxegenate, pollinate and in countless other ways generate the world as we know it.

Enter The Portals of Perception, See The Truth And Blessed Be ~
For more details please see my Blog The Dance Of Life here (  )

Appearing as;
The Ancient Golem, Medieval Imp & Faery - Natascha Randt,
Dobby, Professor Dumbledoor, The Wizard Gnome, Puck, Centaur & Man - Celestial Elf.

Filmed on Location at;
Natascha Wood, co Natascha Randt,
Medieval Church at Isola Gavia co Masa Plympton,
Thor's Cavern co Cindy Bolero,
Gaia Rising co Enchantress Sao,
Isles las Avies co Ian Pahute,
Omega Point co Masoon Ringo & Sweetlemon Jewell,
The Flowout co Georgi Michigan.

Soundtrack created with;
Original Poem written and narrated by Celestial Elf,

Royalty Free Music via Kevin MacLeod of;
Licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0"
(  )
Himalayan Atmosphere

Also sample sounds from Freesound (  )
Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1 License
(  )
Sound effects + authors;
3bagbrew-mood_mog_filter9, corsica-s- welcome to our fairy world, erh-nine lies the heart ed4, freed- pas_X02_tones, hello-flowers-flowers_simplistic_beats2, imaginaryband-green-orangenowater, incarnadine-david_c_scott_men unlike yet alike, jasonthomasd- theremin oscillator/spaceship warming up, jilegar-yunque, jojokyra-two voices,
kathol-foghorn sample+midian gates, klankbeeld Holland- horror barrel organ, leady- women singing, milo-flute grooves live, noise_collector-starpass, richrahl20- WSG01, sannenbod- loop synth, themfish-powerdown, zundung- alien_mastradonican,.

Filmed on Firestorm Beta Mesh,
With Windows XP using Fraps and Serif MoviePlus X3.
Written, Directed and Produced c.Celestial Elf 2012.

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