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One Billion Rising in Second Life - Justice


One Billion Rising in Second Life - Justice

One Billion Rising in Second Life for Justice (2014)

Second Life artists:

kicca igaly - takni & raskolnikow roffo - solkide auer - aloisio congrejo - 2lei - betty tureaud - giovanna cerise -
finn lanzius & fantasi rhode - bowie zeplin - 3d sculpture garden - fuschia nightfire - katz jupiter - mikati slade -
krystali rabeni - tyrehl byk - littleone aries - nino vichan - ohsolemio - carmsie melodie - walt ireton - freewee ling - melusina parkin - misprint thursday - holala alter - taralyn gravois - toysoldier thor - pallina60 loon - em larsson - byrnedarkly cazalet

“Tears of a smile” by Roger Subirana Mata

"Break the Chain" by Tena Clark & Tim Heintz

Filmed in Second Life and edited by: pallina60 Loon

“One Billion Rising for Justice” logo is part of the Toolkit can be downloaded from the official web site


The page on the official website OBR -

Shots of the event -

The Facebook page -

Main One Billion Rising for Justice page -

Thanks to:

Region Design: Winona Wiefel, Aisling Sinclair
Stage Design: Victor1st Mornington
Press and Public Relations: Saffia Widdershins
Non-profit Organization Coordinator: Qwis Greenwood
Sponsor Relations: Aisling Sinclair
Entertainment: Samantha Ohrberg
Art Display: Taralyn Gravois
OBR Team in Second Life
The sponsors -

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