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Ormand Lionheart (Surrey, British Colombia, Canada) & Rachelle Raviprakash (France) - Reflection


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Second Life a Virtual World allows people with barriers to express themselves in ways they never imagined. The Real World has borders we have to deal with in some cases on a regular basis both emotionally and physically. SL allowed myself an English speaker to collaborate with a French Speaker (Rachelle). She builds SIMs in an artistic manner and this video shows an example of an Gallery she built to house her own art which she also modeled for. SL allows her to expand on her artistic vibes in reality. Both of us are self-taught and influenced by the things we see others accomplish. Without this outlet I for one would be mired in the shortcomings of my present life with no outlet so SL is very therapeutic for us both as human beings. You might considerate it self administered joy. I know Rachelle certainly enjoys what she does as do I. I've always enjoyed watching people create and she's one of the best.


Music: destinazione_altrove

Vocals & Lyrics: Snowflake

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