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Second Life - A Virtual exhibit by Bryn Oh - The Singularity of Kumiko


Second Life - A Virtual exhibit by Bryn Oh - The Singularity of Kumiko

This exhibit was created by Bryn OH an artist in real life and the Virtual World.

Her exhibit environments are always an adventure and interactive for the guest, to create some feelings for them either anxious or happy.

My video here tried to follow the theme of her intentions, the dark , being alone, anxious at times. I used a little child avatar to show how lost and scared one would be in that environment but curious enough to go on till the end.

Bryn Oh's visuals and sound effects are fantastic in this exhibit. I wanted to capture that to preserve what I could og her exhibit which was built in 2014.

This is a long video but pleasingly interesting to watch. It's the effects I love to show that she produces using the tools of second life.

Enjoy and it isn't perfect (the film) but I always thought it was important to capture things like this because you never know when they will be gone.

Please go to Bryn Oh's link to read their explanation of their exhibit. Link is below. (I wish I shut off my collisions) I think you will find the video quit interesting if your a die hard viewer like I am. I never thought I would finish this. But I had fun walking through it.

The Singularity of Kumiko - an initial explanation:

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