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SL11B Talks: Special - Jessica Lyon


SL11B Talks: Special - Jessica Lyon

The guiding light behind the Firestorm viewer in conversation with Saffia Widdershins talking about Linden Labs next generation platform.

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  • drizryn Added The USERS in general is what makes second life survive. Not just the younger generation. I thank you for this video but I am still concerned and worried that when the new platform is thrown out to us, I'll be forced to drop Firestorm's viewer. It's nothing against LL in general, but I have been using Firestorm since I was introduced to it, simply because it's more user friendly and things look and move better on it.
  • rhian Milena Added Thank you Jessica, for this interview. I have a far better understanding of the new grid, My only wish for LL was to be more open with the community. I would like to see the new grid succeed, It will be nice to keep my name there as well as here . I hope LL becomes more active like the past with the community. I am looking towards the future of SL and the new grid
  • Lizzy Glenwalker Added I loved this interview as it was done with realistic points and not with panic attitude . However with all things ..they come to an end. I do not believe SL will close down but I do believe that things have to change because technology is changing very fast. The younger generations are the ones that will keep it alive and they are use to the modern technology. Any new computers now come with windows 8. We cant keep things the way they are . I think SL will continue for some years but it will get less and less. I think for those that are smart..especially those with sims..private and should sell now while you can at least get something back. Once this new platform is up and running most "new" residents will be on that platform and not the SL we have now. Meaning no new new new land owners wanting more land. If they closed down SL now..LL would get sued. Too many people have invested real life US dollars into property, content and the like. But if we are realistic...we will have to accept the fact that this will not continue the way it is. I am not an educated computer expert ..I am just a resident who sits backs and watches. If you dont learn by what you see then you are blind. I think there is reason to "panic" to a degree..just a little so you can make action load...get some money back now ...and then wait and see. I do agree if we give up and LL stops making money it will close sooner than later. However ..we have to look after ourselves..because at the end of the is all about one is upset if they lose a friend on here...all I here is oh business..or my land act now...think smart and prepare for change.
  • Fledhyris Proudhon Added You got this talk the wrong way round. You should have started with your zero confidence in LL's methods, and your certainty that SL will thrive for years to come, because that is evidently what fuels your dismissal of people's concerns. But please don't be so dismissive. People are not being childish and superstitious, and nobody thinks that SL will shut down overnight. The single, most vital point of all these discussions is that SL will continue *IF* IT CONTINUES TO PROFIT. Obviously if we all stop investing it won't profit, so that's a no-no! And it's possible that it will co-exist happily alongside the new platform, or that the new platform will fail. But IF the new platform succeeds, it will be a direct competitor. New users, and many existing users, will migrate to it - they may play both, but realistically, few people have the time or resources to invest equally in two platforms. Logically, the better platform with more innovative options and the greater number of investing users will profit more; and though less successful products can and do continue to compete with their rivals, many also fall by the wayside. Nothing lasts forever, and nobody sensible should think that about SL. But the new platform is not being made by a rival company. It is being made by LL themselves. They are putting the resources for innovation into this new product, not into SL, and when you ask us 'what can they do to improve SL?' the majority of responses are likely to suit the new product better than the outdated engines of the old. If they could improve SL, why wouldn't they do that, instead of starting again from scratch? If the new platform is as successful as LL clearly wish it to be, then it's not at all unreasonable for us to suspect that SL will diminish. And not all of us are able or motivated to start over on a new platform. I am not an innovator; I am a consumer. It is the desires of people like me which fund SL and all its commercial creative content. Those like me are so invested in their SL property that they are not interested in new platforms, including InWorlds and Opensim. Take away my current SL inventory and you take away my interest in virtual social platforms; I am like those people who cling to their homes, their livelihoods in the face of overwhelming environmental disaster, because they cannot bear to lose it all and start again from the bottom. If SL falls, I will fall with it, and I will not move on. I have been there, done that, life and times have changed for me, and what motivated me to start SL is different from what now motivates me to stay. That sad day will come some time, from one of many possible causes. I hope it won't be due to out-competition by its own younger sibling. I won't panic and bring about my own downfall. But please don't belittle my cynicism when I look on a new, shinier project as the beginning of the end. The way I see it, the only practical way to ensure SL's survival will be for the new platform to fail. LL are just following the money trail. I'm stuck with what I've already invested. So are many others. And that's why we're concerned.
  • Damien Avedon Added Makes me wonder how many "Improvements" in SL were actual betas and general release tests for the new grid. My guess: So called Project Sunshine and the Oculus RIft capacity would do very well on this new grid. We need to also keep in mind that SL, for all its wonder, is based on seven-year-old technology. A Sim is 256 meters square because that is ALL the servers in 2007 could handle. Other grids have sims that are 10,000 meters square with nearly seamless crossing to other huge sims. It could well be this new SL II is SL using modern technology...or what's modern at the time it's rolled out.
  • Hansi Added love you jessica :)
  • Aprille Shepherd Added Everyone talks about Content Creators and Developers, but people forget about the "Service Providers" - those who own a plot or sim that is a Club, Game or Attraction (in my case Adult). I would like to know if Linden Lab has set policy for the new SL 2.0 regarding Adult and Violent content. If they say no to either, then a large part of Second Life will be left behind as people move over... and a very large portion of what people will be want will be missing in the new SL 2.0. Please get an answer from LL on this. Thanks - Aprille Shepherd
  • Kay Added even though this makes completely sense to me and certainly the last 15 minutes of this video: I think "SL 2" will fail as well my trust in LL as a whole is below zero not in the last place when I look back in the history. They never did things with us but to us. Certainly also the fact this whole idea is not to become Open Source at all. That makes no sense. Drawings always look better than how those who live it experience it. They should be involved eventually. The Firestorm viewer for example is the only viewer which is intuitive in use for me I can't imagine having to stick in a weird viewer on SL 2. SO yes sadly I lost trust.
  • Ali Blaylock Added Jessicas exactly right when she says theres NO confidence in LL , why work in secret with no feedback what so ever from the USERS ?????????????? makes me think that LL really has no intrest in the residents at all , Whats really the point anyway???? USERS , simple ..... are they just going to do all this new platform in secret , toss it out there and hope it floats ????????
  • Stamango Added Well, when the boat starts to sink everyone thinks nothing is happening, and that all is ok. But that is not the case, because the boat IS sinking. I fully expect a lot of folks to lose a lot of money, And having spent more than I should myself, I would like to seek a more stable virtual world. This is not panic, or a bad reaction. This is a cold hard common sense decision. Linden labs will be forced to lower tier in Second Life or lose so many players, they will be forced to abandon the game. They have a finite amount of thinkers at Linden Labs, and I believe most of them are working on the new platform. I think that they are just maintaining Second Life, and have stopped actively solving Second Life issues, at least on a large scale. To rationalize things and just try to keep people calm is exactly what people do before a catastrophe. People will stop spending money in SL, the creators are going to leave, and Linden Labs will begin losing money, and that is it. Good luck to all of you. I am going to look at Inworldz, and God willing, I will certainly study Linden labs new platform, in around 2016. I will log into SL but I will stop any business activities there, and I am not buying anything else.
  • Kittin Ninetails Added Repent, for the end of the world is nigh! (If you've already repented, please disregard this notice...)
  • Corby Added because you have spent money, they are sure you will again. When developers of SL are taken to create SL version 2, what are the chances that continued development/improvement is going to continue with the old one. If you believe that SL will stay, you are mistaken.. Once they feel they have milked all the coin they can from SL they will pull plug without a second thought.. For shame Jessica that you would aid in convincing people of otherwise when you in fact know better. You know firestorm is backing the wrong horse. Opensim is the future you should focus on.. Creativity for sake of creative and control of your creations is priceless and far cheaper than what SL can provide
  • Sunny Windstorm Added over the pass 6+ years i have spent so much money, why would i want to start over! it is already a bloody shame that we really have no control of r own assets, we paid for it we should own it flat out.
  • Zavarah Added What do we know about with this new platform that you cant bring what you have bought already in the original SL will you lose this or can you bring stuff you already bought in sl to the new platform?
  • JimBob Added As a content creator, I am not going to stop building, I'm simply going to develop my products in Inworldz. I won't start with nothing as you suggest. I will take my own creations and import them into Inworldz as many have already done.
  • Stormy Bizet Added I'm glad to have watched this, I feel a bit more calm about the fears I was having. Can SLartist even get their guest's name right though, it's Jessica Lyon.
  • Frank Added This interview is a bit more clarified which is good. But Jessica speaks how "people in second life" overreacted". When she started the interview she speaks how she overreacted as well how she thought the same as us, anyway whatever they will do they will do and if we like it we do if not then we find a new game.
  • Grim Added "With technology, market interest, hardware and software available, now is the time to give it another big shot. We have the experience to do it more than anyone else," CEO Ebbe Altberg told TheNextWeb, adding that the new version of Second Life will launch in beta form in 2015, then commercially in 2016. ogy/2014/jun/24/second-life-oculus-rift-virtu al-world
  • Fushia Shade Added *A vigorous round of applause* I've mentioned a lot of these same points to people myself. What a Refreshing video after all the panic talk the past few days. Thank you and great job! I couldn't agree with you more!~!!
  • Katsii Tennen Added SPOT ON, Jessica - especially the last bit :). Bless you :).
  • Lauren Gladstone Added Jessica Lyon once again nails it on the head.