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The Drax Files: World Makers [Episode 26: Absinthe]


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“Second Life is so multifaceted that you can’t really make a judgement as to whether somebody’s activity is more serious than somebody else's!” says Absinthe, a virtual super model: “I get up in arms when people put down Second Life as escapism!”

Yes Absinthe, who works with HIV/AIDS children in her day job, fully embraces her SLelebrity status despite the raised eyebrows of friends and colleagues when she mentions what she terms "my hobby".

Indeed there is no shortage of articles which dismiss in particular the fashion industry in this largest user-created virtual world as lonely adults playing Barbie & Ken after-hours.

But there is so much more underneath this playful engagement with avatar dolls: exploration of identity, ethnicity, class and embracing the creative impulse in all of us, those are just a few themes that run alongside Absinthe’s story.

Not to mention that her FEROSH project has brought her recognition beyond the virtual realm as this fashion compendium is available in physical print, rivaling RL publications in its beautiful presentation and style.

But let us for now simply embrace the wonderful distraction of some talented women in gorgeous dresses, accessories and hair.


Filmed at

TELEPORT The Forest of Diversity  & TELEPORT Ferosh HQ

Thanks to Marianne McCann for wrangling the gaggle of extra actors on the ground & thx to Absi for creating the “Forest Of Diversity”

Extra special thx to all who submitted a RL/SL side-by-side photo for the forest gallery & to those who took the time to submit video.

Super extra special thx to Absi’s parents: you guys ROCK!

More information about Absinthe’s work is at

This video contains excerpts from the documentary "Login2Life" which you can watch here

Music for the end sequence by Samuel's Dream from the album "Freedom" which is floating around on the web somewhat semi-legally since it was recorded by yours truly prior to the digital revolution! Go hunt it down....


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