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The Drax Files World Makers Episode 29: Insilico


The Drax Files World Makers Episode 29: Insilico

"I was raised in the Native American tradition to never lose my awe of the world" says designer and storyteller Stark Osterham who runs the sprawling cyberpunk city Insilico together with a handful of other managers.

Stark honors this tradition by expanding on a world within a world: the universe of Second Life has hosted Insilico on 4 sims since German artist Skills Hak originally created it in 2008.

Role-players from all over the globe continue to expand the already complex backstory of Insilico with its colorful races, cyborgs and a political system dominated by corporate corruption every day by contributing to the archives.

If you work in Insilico as a security guard, battle the cruel D'naa on Mars or dwell as a homeless half-human somewhere on the lower tier of town, the intensity of the immersion is powerful.

As general manager and city reporter StarRavenSAT puts it: "Everyone has a different interpretation of the future. This one is real because it is ours!

And everyone is invited to participate: SL photographer Harlow Heslop for instance is a frequent visitor to the city and Stark's own teenage daughter is inspired to continue the family tradition of actively shaping reality rather than passively accepting it.

Question: What is better than reading a book or watching TV? Answer: writing your own story, creating your very own world!

For more information about Insilico check out

The work of photographer Harlow Heslop is at

Big thanks to Marianne McCann and all the great extra actors who participated in making this episode.


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